ELUXNET USA Corporation
We Shape the Future of LED !

ELUXNET USA Corporation provides high quality lighting, decorative, and custom LED products for architectural, commercial, institutional, residential and entertainment applications. ELUXNET has spent about 10 years developing an array of new LED technologies that far surpass traditional ones.

ELUXNET has the capability to manage all the manufacturing aspects from design and engineering of luminaries, through fabrication and assembly, and ultimate customer support.

Our unique fully integrated engineering and manufacturing capabilities offer creative solutions for special lighting requirements. This transformation of ideas into lighting reality is the basis of our unmatched reputation for innovation, production and service.

We maintain close customer relationship in all major market segments worldwide. We are available on site from the outset and remain in continuous contact with our customers. We work together with our customers at a very early stage in the development of new products and projects, bringing our innovations to their future lighting products.


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